Social Selling Training Workshops

Enterprise training workshops for inside sales teams, account managers and consultants who would like to confidently use LinkedIn to engage prospects, advance pipeline opportunities and win new business

Full-Day Workshop | Live Webinar Series 

Social Selling Workshops For Sales Teams

Social Selling For Competitive Advantage

Enable your sales team to master social selling to have more conversations with buyers and close deals fast as well as separate you from your competitors and give you a distinct, competitive edge.

Practical Activities That Build Confidence Online

Your sales team will gain greater confidence in their ability to effectively engage buyers through LinkedIn and other digital mediums. And, with this newfound confidence, team success and profits will soar. 

Prospect Better With Decision Makers

Prospect better  with fully optimised and buyer-centric LinkedIn profiles and gain greater confidence to prospect and effectively engage prospects through their social networks.

12 Expert Tips To Generating Business Leads With LinkedIn Sales Navigator In This Free Video

“98% of sales reps with more than 5,000 LinkedIn connections meet or surpass their quotas, versus just 52% of those with fewer than 250 contacts”.

Source: Sales Benchmark Index

Social Selling Workshop

More than half of the world now uses social media. With so many people online, it has become increasingly challenging to reach them early enough in their decision-making process. Suddenly developing relationships with buyers through social networks has become an increasingly critical skill.

Social selling is a way of getting the salesperson back into the buying process to influence the decision-making process early, limit interference from the competition, reduce deal closure times and increase win rates. 

Martin and his team will help you define objectives and goals specific to your organisation before doing the workshop so that you can monitor progress and see a real ROI.

Workshops Specifically Tailored To Your Business

All training content is customised to each organisation. It will include individual team audits, competitor and target market analysis. If teams are using Sales Navigator as part of their process, Martin can integrate this into the training. He is a proficient and seasoned Sales Navigator user and can provide sales teams with a live demonstration to show just how powerful this tool can be to target buyers strategically.

Workshops or Webinars – The Choice is Yours

Workshops are practical, fun, highly relevant and results-focused. Your team will leave with fully optimised buyer-centric LinkedIn profiles and have the confidence and skills to engage customers online.

With the ongoing global pandemic the program is also available as a series of live webinars. In these last 12 months, these Social Selling Webinars have become increasingly popular and can be combined with coaching and mentoring sessions. Webinars include plenty of take-away tasks for participants to complete, and it also encourages accountability before the next session in the series.

Learning Objectives:

  • Creating a mindset shift for Digital Transformation
  • Understand the importance of owning your Community
  • Develop a powerful buyer-centric LinkedIn profile
  • How to grow your LinkedIn network the right way
  • Identify opportunities in LinkedIn groups
  • Leverage content to shape the buyer journey
  • Use technology to your advantage 
  • Write In-Mails and send connection requests that convert

Expected Outcomes:

  • Activate a powerful Digital Footprint 
  • Gain more influence in early-stage buying decisions
  • Add value and increase knowledge in the buying process
  • Attract qualified sales leads and inbound enquiries
  • Master the latest, consistently successful methods including Sales Navigator to reach and engage customers online
  • Generate increased referrals, appointments and sales
  • Increase LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) Score

Ideal For Businesses That Want To: 

  • Use LinkedIn purposefully to build social trust and create a high-quality community
  • Build long-term trust real buyers are looking for in the marketplace
  • Develop real influence and authority in your sector and connect with decision-makers 
  • Strategically target and increase value and add knowledge throughout the buying process
  • Scale social selling across the business, including Digital Maturity and investment models, managing risk and privacy online
  • See a better ROI for existing Sales Navigator Licences

Social Selling Workshop

  • Introduction to Social Selling
  • Understanding VCCO
  • Know Your Target Audience 
  • Build A All-Star Buyer-Centric LinkedIn Profile
  • Understand Privacy and Settings
  • How To Find The Right Keywords To Use
  • Write A Bio/Summary Section That Converts
  • Making The Shift From Resume To Reputation
  • Positioning and Messaging For Competitive Advantage
  • Add Featured Media and Links To Educate Buyers
  • Get High Profile Recommendations 
  • Strengthen Skills & Endorsements
  • Understanding Your Social Selling Index Score (SSI)
  • Applying Boolean Search To Find Your Target Market
  • Leverage Company Searches To Find Prospects
  • Research Prospects and Companies
  • Using Data Analytics For Competitive Advantage
  • Know Difference Between Lead & Account Searching*
  • Saving Leads & Accounts, Lists and Searches*
  • Leveraging Sales Spotlight To Segment Data For Better Results*
  • Segment Prospects Using Tags & Notes* 

* LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

  • Talking To Strangers On LinkedIn
  • How To Prepare Before Reaching Out 
  • Understanding Degree’s of Connections 
  • Personalising Connection Requests
  • Crafting Warm Introductions
  • Leveraging Technology For Smart Insights
  • Connection Requests Do’s and Don’ts
  • Why Not To Connect with Everybody and Anybody 
  • How to Correctly Use In-Mail*
  • Back Up Your Connections

* LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

  • The Content Mix That Gives You Visibility
  • The Importance Of Familiarity 
  • Posting Relevant and Original Content
  • Sharing Success And Why To Do It
  • Understanding Hashtags and @Mentions
  • Best Times To Reach Target Buyers
  • Tools That Automate and Schedule
  • Measuring Influence and Amplification 
  • What’s Not To Post On LinkedIn
  • Why Spelling and Grammar Matter
  • Leveraging Social Listening Tools As Triggers
  • How To Spy On Competitors Without Them Knowing
  • Review Topics and Content Covered In Webinar
  • Measuring ROI and Criteria For Success
  • LinkedIn 5 A Day Daily Routine
  • LinkedIn 5 A Day Weekly Team Challenges
  • Questions and Answers with Martin
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Demo*

* LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

“Organisations using social selling have seen a 10-20% increase in win rate, 20-30% acceleration in cycle time, and 10-15% increase in revenue.”

Source: KISSMetrics

Pricing and Delivery Options

Social Selling Training Workshop

(Full Day or 2 Half Days)
£ 4800 Per Workshop
  • Max 15 Participants
  • Full Day or Two Half Days On Site Training
  • Pre-workshop Company, Competitor and Buyer Research
  • Recordings Available
  • LinkedIn SSI Review (Sales Navigator)
  • Training Material Relevant To Company and Industry
  • 1-Hour One-On-One Mentoring Session Via Zoom For Each Attendee*
  • * Available at £3, 100 without Mentoring

Social Selling Enterprise Webinar Series

£ 5700 Per Series
  • Max 80 Learners*
  • Bi-Weekly Instalments (10 Weeks Total)
  • 5 Live Webinars (1 Hours with active discussion and participation)
  • Pre Webinar Company Research
  • Delivered over 8 Weeks
  • Recordings Available
  • LinkedIn SSI Index Score Improvement
  • Live Demos and Prospecting
  • Individual and Team Accountability after each session

Business Mentoring

3, 6 and 12 Month Mentoring Programmes Available
£ 1170 Per 3 Months
  • Up to 4 Hours Support Per Month
  • One or Two Meetings As Required
  • Over the telephone or Zoom for Clients anywhere in the UK or international.
  • Face-to-face available in Belfast and Dublin
  • Suitable for Solopreneurs or SMEs regardless of organisation or business type.
  • Support can include:
  • Social Selling Strategy
  • Social Media Profile Optimisation
  • Available * 6 Months (£2, 340) & 12 Months (£4, 680)

Executive Coaching

10 - 20 - 30 Hour Coaching Blocks Available
£ 2500 Per 10 Sessions
  • Ten one-hour coaching sessions
  • Delivered on Zoom
  • Face-to-face available in Belfast & Dublin
  • Email correspondence and action points between sessions
  • Monthly 15-min action call
  • Action-planning to ensure sustainable change
  • Suitable for executives or senior decision-makers regardless of organisation size
  • Achieving your goals may seem like an uphill struggle, but Martin will push you to the summit of your success.
  • Available in larger blocks: - 20 sessions (£4,750) - 30 sessions (£6,750)

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