LinkedIn’s new features matter

New Features in LinkedIn Pages and Why it Matters

It was announced last week that LinkedIn is introducing new features in Company Pages, including invite to follow, LinkedIn Live integration and new posting options.

Invite to Follow

LinkedIn Company pages are all about community and now you can “tap your network to grow your audience” by inviting your connections to follow your LinkedIn page.

Expert Tip: Don’t invite your entire network to follow your page. Instead choose the professionals or businesses that you think will serve to benefit from what you have to share. Remember those that don’t want to receive these invites can opt-out too.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn has finally decided to jump on the live-streaming bandwagon and has introduced LinkedIn “Live” as a new feature. It will allow members and businesses (Company Pages) to interact with their followers in real-time. This will be a fantastic way for businesses to share content like photo shoots, employee interviews, conferences/panel discussions, business and office tours, awards ceremonies and of course behind the scene action. Currently most popular for brands – many seeing 7x more reactions and 24x more comments on average for live streams compared to regular video. 

Expert Tip: Real is the new fake. The more unscripted and raw your content is the better.  It’s all about authenticity and showing your audience something ‘real’. If people wanted it to be perfect, they’d go to YouTube… Aim to avoid pre-scripting and fake live streams… Remember it does not matter if you sell bricks, machine parts, tax advice, or cleaning equipment, your customers are human, and people buy from people.

Post as a Page or Member

LinkedIn now allows users to post as a member, or as a company page, making it a lot easier to engage with your community.

Exert Tip: People tend to be in a business frame of mind on LinkedIn, the tone of business posts tends to be more conservative and we should not forget this when posting as a LinkedIn member or as page. Your personality still needs to come across in everything you post and you can never afford to be boring.

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