Now is not the time to stop.
It's time to make LinkedIn work for you and your business

The LinkedIn Lockdown is weekly LinkedIn training delivered on Zoom.
The training is 100% free but time investment is required.

Like so many people, I’m trying to find ways I can help others at this time. As a small business owner, I’m particularly saddened by all the people furloughed and made redundant – and my heart goes out to the many people that are struggling and I’m thinking about the impact business closure will have on them, their staff and their loved ones. 

In the last recession, I had gotten into a ton of debt with my own small business and spent thousands on marketing that I absolutely did not need, and so if I can help one extra business make it through this current crisis then that’s going to be life-changing for someone right now. 

LinkedIn Lockdown Thursdays

The weekly LinkedIn training is designed to enable business owners to become more confident, more profitable and more successful on the world’s largest business-to-business social network.

I will be sharing expert secrets and ways in which you can successfully leverage LinkedIn to build your brand and do social selling in an entirely new way. 

Don’t take my word for it, read my testimonials below. 

Gillian McKee
Gillian McKeeOwner and Director at Giraffe Associates
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Attended one of Martin’s LinkedIn Lockdown sessions after reading other people’s recommendations of them. I can see why. Lots of useful tips for improving your profile and engagement on LinkedIn. If you haven’t signed up yet, give it a go. Thursdays, 7-9pm
Louise Nicholl
Louise NichollBusiness Development Manager at Le Jardin Luxury Spa
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Attended Martins LinkedIn Lockdown course via zoom and can 100 % recommend his services.

The 2 hour session was packed full of no nonsense, easy to follow tips and tricks to make your LinkedIn profile stand apart from your competitors and work for your business.

Having previously joined a 5 day LinkedIn challenge, I without a doubt found Martins session more relevant and understood all the steps he talked through, in particular the information on sales navigator was fantastic - I had no idea how powerful this tool could be.

I now feel I have the relevant knowledge to clean up my LinkedIn profile and begin to use it properly to attract new business.

Thanks again Martin, incredible class to offer during such a time of uncertainty for many businesses.
John Lorimer
John LorimerDirector at FCS Services Ltd
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Martin is a great communicator. Having recently taken his LinkedIn Lockdown seminar I can say it was excellent and provided some top tips I wasn’t aware of. I would recommend Martin for anyone wanting to get a head start on this platform.
Colm Hatton
Colm HattonBusiness Development Manager at BALCAS Energy
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If you want to improve your Linkedin profile and presence and get a better understanding of how the whole thing works then I highly recommend getting in touch with Martin Murtagh.

I completed his Linkedin Lockdown training last night and it was excellent. Very easy to follow and gives clear concise and effective steps to take if you want to make Linkedin work better for you.
Nikita Brijpaul
Nikita BrijpaulBusiness Development Manager at Belfast Metropolitan College
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I thought I knew a lot about LinkedIn until I participated in one of Martin's LinkedIn Lockdown webinars. His deep understanding of the platform and ability to teach gave me the tools to take my game to the next level. Thanks Martin