Inbound Marketing for Small Business Owners

Smart Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Running a small business has changed a lot in recent years, and an effective online presence is essential if businesses want to thrive.

While some small businesses do an excellent job with online marketing, many are overwhelmed, and as such, it’s virtually impossible for the average business owner to be abreast of the trade secrets in effective online marketing.

I like to help small businesses out and have listed five useful online marketing activities that I use with my clients:

#1 Video and Live Streaming
Use video on your social media because it is the most efficient way to reach large groups of people. Also, online streaming services such as Facebook Live will enable you to increase engagement as well as personify your brand as a reliable, likeable business.

#2 Storytelling
People don’t buy products. People buy people. Your name needs to stand out to tell a good story! Keep it simple and to the point – use video – tell people what started you in the business, what your passions are and solutions you have to offer.


#3 Personalised Brands
Personalised branding is nothing new. But in an increasingly competitive market, customers want more personalised treatment. Use-data-collecting technology to know precisely who your customers are (buying patterns, interests, and likes) and this information will be invaluable. 

#4 Analysing Analytics
You need to be efficiently measuring your data efficiently. It can be collected from campaigns, email marketing platforms, and social media and should be used to redefine your marketing, and continuously improve your reach and results.

#5 Email Marketing
Email marketing remains one of the most significant and most effective ways to attract new customers. It will add value to your content marketing, but with responsive and user data collecting technology, you can also ensure emails are relevant and personable made specific to each client. 

If small business owners can keep their marketing personalised and engaging, they will be one step ahead of their competitors in 2017. 

If you still have no idea where to start, get in touch - I would be happy to help you!