How To Find Clients In A Recession?

Need help generating business, huh?

You’re not the only one. To achieve business success, clients are crucial. However, even with exceptional marketing efforts, discovering them can be quite a feat. Allow me to impart some valuable insights I’ve employed to attract new clients when faced with adversity.

Tip #1 – Your Friends and Family

If you run a small business, your friends and family are the first places you should look for new clients. 

You can begin by letting them know about your business (if they don’t already know).

Then, explain that you want to get your name out and wonder if they could use your services.

Also, ask if they know anybody who could use your help and ask for an introduction.

You could frame it as an email like: 

Hi Sarah, 

As you know, I have a business (insert what you do), and I want to get my name out there more. 

I know that you are well-connected 🙂 Could we grab a coffee this week? I’m buying it!

Please let me know if it works, and I appreciate it.  



I’m confident you will have a friend or family member who either needs the services or products you offer or knows somebody who does.

Tip #2 – Talk To Local Businesses

Even in a small town, there are plenty of opportunities to start a relationship that could lead to a new client or a referral source.

For example, I love coffee, and coffee houses are often great places to meet and connect with other local businesses. 

You can talk in a relaxed and informal way and ask things like: 

✅ How’s business going for you? 

✅ Did you struggle during covid? 

✅ What’s working for you right now?

✅ Is there anything you would do differently?

Take time, listen and learn from their successes and failures. You want to understand their challenges.

When it’s your turn to talk, could you suggest a follow-up meeting to discuss a few solutions based on your expertise? 

Tip #3: Join a Networking Group

Those who follow me will know I enjoy networking.

Joining the right network can significantly grow your business and generate new clients.

For example, I’m a member of local and regional networking groups such as The Growth Network, the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA) and Causeway Exchange, connecting businesses in Ireland and Scotland. 

One of the cool things about networking groups is that you can get started almost immediately, find a networking group in your town or city, and meet with people — business owners, entrepreneurs, other small business owners, etc.

When it comes to networking with businesses, I use two approaches.

1) The first is joining a group my ideal client will attend.

For example, a group like BITA might be an excellent place to start if I want to build rapport with senior decision-makers at medium-sized businesses.

If I want to work with consultants or small businesses, a group like The Growth Network might be the best place to start. 

It’s easy to find local networking events and groups, even if you live in a small town. 

Try searching LinkedIn for terms like “networking”, “business”, or “[YOUR INTEREST]” in your local area. 

Also, don’t discount Eventbrite and

2) The second is attending an industry event or conference.

For example, I’ll attend Digital DNA and DigiMarCon, where I will establish working relationships with other professionals in digital and marketing, find sub-contractors to help me with projects and build connections with industry experts.

I won’t necessarily find someone looking to buy my services, although I have some good referrals from these connections.

Tip #4: Attend Trade Shows and Business Expos

I love trade shows because most exhibitors are small businesses eager for more business. 

You want to strike up a conversation and ask about their product/service, how business is going, etc. 

You know the score.

After listening to the exhibitor, you’ll have learned valuable information about their business… 

✅ How do they get customers?

✅ Any struggles they may have?

In addition, this allows you to let them know who you are and what you do. 

An approach that works for me when introducing myself is this… 

😃 Grab their ATTENTION (you’ve already stood out by conversing with them).

😃 Get their INTEREST (a light introduction to yourself & what you do).

😃 Make them DESIRE an outcome (you’ve solved problem X before, which is the challenge they currently experience).

😃 Get them to take ACTION (exchange business cards, do your best to schedule a coffee, at the very least, add them on LinkedIn by quickly scanning the QR code). 

Tip #5: Explore Remote Opportunities

Even with the pandemic continuing to reshape various aspects of our lives and most of us online, the world is a big place.

We aren’t limited to opportunities in our immediate area and can work with clients remotely anywhere. 

Pros of remote work:

✅ There are endless opportunities, leads and potential clients remotely. 

✅ You’re not limited to your local area.

✅ Potential to find a trophy client.

✅ You don’t need hundreds of clients to make a good living.

Cons to remote work:

❌ There is tons of competition (Fiver, Upwork and PeoplePerHour).

❌ There is always somebody somewhere willing to do it cheaper than you.

❌ Once you devalue what you do, it’s the road to failure. 

Please don’t let the Cons List discourage you from using this method because there are thousands upon thousands of opportunities to onboard a client remotely. 

If you look in the right places, seek out your ideal client, position yourself as a premium consultant or have superior products, and can convince a lead of the value you’ll add, it’s always worth trying.

Give these tips a go, and let me know how you get on!

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