Boost Your Business Chats with Social Audio Gatherings!

On Tuesday, I taught businesses about leveraging social audio events to inject genuine authenticity into their business and brand.

Social audio is a great way to get your audience to interact with you in real-time via participation in the conversation. 

It is also one of the best ways to humanise your brand, educate listeners, and learn from others and an excellent way for businesses to tell their stories and build credibility. 

Small businesses can leverage social audio events to talk about how they got started, discuss their challenges, showcase their products/services and even establish themselves as thought leaders. 

What I love most about social audio is that’s it more inclusive than live video, and you don’t need to worry about not looking your best. 

We have had fantastic guests at The Growth Company social audio events in the last several months. 

Each Monday and Thursday, The Growth Company hosts live social-audio events reaching up to 10,000 professionals. 

On Monday, we are on Twitter Spaces for #OntheBiz, and it’s an opportunity for you to join in on the conversations with the makers, creators and grafters who have started a business and found success and a better way of working and living.

Previous guests have included Kate RooneySeany McCleary, and Johnny McCamley, to name but a few. Please check these out on Spotify.

On Thursdays, we are on LinkedIn for an audio event titled THE BIG INTERVIEW, where we chat with leading Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders.

These conversations aim to offer inspiration, insights, strategies, and things to be wary of to anyone contemplating joining the entrepreneurial club.

Previous guests have included Leif JensenLissa McPhillips and Emmett Murtagh. We have also recorded many of our LinkedIn audio events and repurposed these as Podcasts that you can listen to on Spotify and YouTube.

From a marketing perspective, the opportunities that digital and social audio present is vast. 

Did you know…

🌟 68% of the US 12+ population listens to online audio monthly.

🌟 The average time US listeners spend on audio platforms is 16 hours and 14 minutes weekly. 

🌟 IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report, which includes podcasting, streaming radio, and digital music services, shows Digital Audio Ad Spending Soared 58% Last Year, Growing Faster Than Any Other Media (2021-2022).

What’s more, gains were twice that of display advertising.

🌟 Studies of people’s brains listening to different kinds of music accompanied by ads found digital audio was more likely to engage long-term memory for details and recollection, as well as increase the emotional intensity, more than radio, TV, social media or digital video. 

My experiences organising social audio events.

✅ Social audio can be a great way to improve a product or service through audience feedback.

✅ Audiences can ask questions, and you can showcase your expertise and thought leadership. 

✅ Chatting with others in real-time can give you professional credibility, enabling you to stand out. 

✅ Whether for engagement or advertising purposes, social audio is intimate and immersive, and you can leverage storytelling to your advantage. 

✅ Audio content delivers a better user experience due to its ability to reach the listener at any time and place and, more importantly, in any context. 

There you have it. 

The Growth Company has created a new LinkedIn training course covering social audio and much more. 

This course is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to develop their online presence, utilise LinkedIn to identify prospective sales leads and create impactful social audio content.

Are you interested in collaborating?

Begin by addressing these four straightforward questions:

  1. First, what are your professional aspirations?
  2. Second, what motivates you to pursue these goals?
  3. Third, on a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to realising your objectives?
  4. Finally, in the next 12 months, where do you envision yourself?

I’m a veteran marketer and business developer with over 20 years of experience. Through trial and error, I’ve gained the expertise to transform connections into profitable partnerships. 

Why choose to work with me among the multitude of business development experts? 

With a track record of helping clients secure an impressive £60m in new business, I bring a unique blend of marketing strategy, networking prowess, and a war chest of trusted referral partners. 

Ready to turn contacts into contracts? Let’s forge your path to success. Contact me above or connect with me on LinkedIn or call 07399603555. Together, we can transform your business goals into a money-making reality! 

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