About Martin

Martin Murtagh helps businesses develop the confidence and skills to succeed online and teaches them how to build the long-term trust that real buyers are looking for in the marketplace.

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital marketing and business transformation, Martin’s strategies have helped hundreds of businesses strengthen relationships with their customers online.

At the end of 2020, Martin set up The Growth Company – a specialist LinkedIn training provider.

The arrival of Covid-19 forced businesses worldwide to review how they do business, and those slower to embrace digital quickly discovered that it was essential to their survival.

Similarly, the pandemic challenged Martin to review his long-term growth plans and approach to service provision. As a result, his business model became a hybrid mix of online and face-to-face coaching, mentoring, and training.

Before launching The Growth Company, Martin worked as a freelance marketing consultant with many great clients throughout Ireland and the UK.

During this time, Martin built his reputation as a forward-thinking marketing expert whose strategies helped businesses develop effective campaigns to build brand awareness, drive traffic and sell more products and services. 

After much soul searching, Martin decided to take the next step and set up a new B2B marketing consultancy.

The Growth Company was therefore born!

Martin’s mission is to help businesses thrive in a post-pandemic marketplace.

He aims to achieve this through the following: 

  • Bespoke B2B relationship marketing training for business owners who want to become more relevant to the modern buyer.
  • Teaching you everything from optimising your LinkedIn profile to more advanced training such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • If you want to master LinkedIn to increase referrals, appointments, and sales, Martin has you covered.
  • Martin has built an excellent reputation for getting results and helping his clients focus, develop strategies, implement and execute campaigns, and realise their growth ambitions.

Everyone knows that modern selling is increasingly becoming a challenge for many businesses.

It’s because when we go online, we do so in a ‘sales avoidance mode.’ To that end, if you come across as a salesperson, people will avoid you.

In response, Martin recognised businesses needed guidance in navigating the new rules of online marketing and social selling.

Today Martin teaches business owners and sales teams how to find, reach, and engage with prospects using digital communications.

Where he’s excelled, however, is through his Social Selling Coaching. Martin teaches businesses a system to succeed online and get new customers consistently each month.

If followed, businesses can generate leads without any pushy sales tactics. It’s a proven system to attract and convert prospects into paying clients.

Discover what Nigel Davidson from D&T Business Consultants had to say about doing the Social Selling Excellence training. 

Contact Martin today if you’re tired of being active online and not getting RESULTS for your business. 


Some of the nice things people have had to say about my work

Peter Gregory
Peter GregoryIn/peteradriangregory
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If you want a LinkedIn expert who will give you RESULTS rather then “how many people are in my network” ego boost then you need to speak to Martin.
Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy In/brendanmurph/
Read More
I feel one always needs to sharpen their social media pencil, and no one better than Martin to help. His no nonsense, straight to the point approach is a breath of fresh air.
Czarina Sheikh Mathew
Czarina Sheikh MathewIn/czarina-sheikh-mathew
Read More
It was refreshing to learn from an expert who so generously shares insights and provides bespoke recommendations on the latest tools to improve your online presence.
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