About Martin

Hello! I’m Martin, and I’m ready to give you the confidence and skills to succeed online. It’s time to build the long-term trust that real buyers are looking for in the marketplace.

With 20 years’ digital marketing experience, I teach businesses how to get increased referrals, appointments and sales using Social Media. In these last few years, I’m proud to have helped hundreds of businesses strengthen their relationships with their customers online.

What makes my value proposition unique is that I spotted a real need among the business community to offer training/coaching to adapt to the changing and challenging online environment.

Everyone knows that modern selling is increasingly becoming a challenge for many businesses.

It’s because when we go online, we do so in a ‘sales avoidance mode.’ To that end, if you come across as a salesperson, then people will avoid you.

In response to this, I recognised businesses needed guidance navigating the new rules of online marketing and social selling. Today I show business owners and sales teams how to find, reach, and engage with prospects using LinkedIn.

Where I’ve excelled, however, is through my social selling coaching. I teach businesses a system to succeed online and get new customers each month consistently.

If followed, businesses can generate leads without any pushy sales tactics. It’s a proven system to attract and convert prospects into paying clients

Discover what Nigel Davidson from D&T Business Consultants had to say about doing the Social Selling Excellence training. 

I also offer 1:1 mentoring relative to specific individuals needs. And these can help give you greater confidence in identifying your target market and converting them into paying customers.

I have an MSc in Digital Media Communication. It has given me a deeper understanding of leveraging digital to enable businesses to achieve competitive advantage.

If you’re tired of being active online and not getting RESULTS for your business, get in touch with me today


Some of the nice things people have had to say about my work

Peter Gregory
Peter GregoryIn/peteradriangregory
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If you want a LinkedIn expert who will give you RESULTS rather then “how many people are in my network” ego boost then you need to speak to Martin.
Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy In/brendanmurph/
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I feel one always needs to sharpen their social media pencil, and no one better than Martin to help. His no nonsense, straight to the point approach is a breath of fresh air.
Czarina Sheikh Mathew
Czarina Sheikh MathewIn/czarina-sheikh-mathew
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It was refreshing to learn from an expert who so generously shares insights and provides bespoke recommendations on the latest tools to improve your online presence.
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