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About Martin

I’m a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer and sales trainer. With almost 20 years of experience in digital marketing and over a decade in social selling, I teach businesses how to get increased referrals, appointments and sales using social media.

As a highly sought after business coach, consultant and thought leader, I frequently share my proven social selling strategies and tactics to my thousands of followers on LinkedIn.

On this website, you will find information about my consultancy services as well as free resources and downloads.


Establish The Long-Term Trust Real Buyers Are Looking For In The Marketplace


Increase Win Rates, Decrease Sales Cycles & Open Up More Conversations


Create A Visible, Credible Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business To Succeed Online


Leadership Skills & Effective Habits To Digitally Transform Your Business In The New Normal


Develop and Execute Expert Influencer Strategies to Amplify Your Brand Story

Video Testimonials

Meet Darren Stronge, a businessman with a portfolio spanning retail, property and interior design. One of Darren’s brands is Remark Decor, a business that works with leading suppliers and quality materials to produce the most delicate finishes in-home and hotel interiors. Based in Belfast, Remark Decor service the UK & Ireland on a wide range of luxury residential and commercial interior decorating projects. 

Nigel Davidson is an experienced business consultant specialising in refinancing struggling businesses and providing pre-insolvency advice. Nigel helps clients in financial difficulties to calmly appraise their situation and plan a strategy to save their business; save their assets; negotiate with creditors and if the situation is hopeless, handhold them through an insolvency process. 


Gareth Anderson is the founder of Proteus Client Services, a company with a wealth of experience in helping businesses to reduce costs, resolve problems, improve customer experience and increase employee engagement. Gareth has 20 years’ experience working in Financial Services, developing Lean Methodologies and executing business growth strategies, and will support you to achieve your objectives and goals.



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